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The Otthon Centrum Service Statement to its clients

We know that our service is built on trust, and as a leading player in the market, we are committed to continuously building this trust. Our Service Statement is a written commitment to every client who sells or buys property with us, ensuring transparency in our operations.

1. We explain every step of the process, assist our clients in preparing and pricing their property, and work towards the most advantageous agreement between our selling and buying clients.

2. We present our contracts and forms, which guarantee the transparency of our work, in detail before signing and adhere to them in practice.

3. We record the details of the property, take photographs, and enter them into the Otthon Centrum network registry system so that other Otthon Centrum offices can also offer it. We record the data of our selling and searching clients in compliance with data management regulations in the Otthon Centrum network registry system.

4. We ensure that all available information is conveyed to all parties involved. We inform the property owner if the buyer is related to our corporate group.

5. For the fastest sale of our exclusive listings, we collaborate with domestic and international real estate agents.

6. We only show properties to genuine buyers, participate in every property showing through our staff, and only advertise real properties for which we have a sales mandate.

7. Regarding the purchase of the property, we only handle genuine expressions of intent and offers, always acting according to the owner's instructions, and respecting that their acceptance or rejection is solely the owner's decision.

A verbal expression of intent is not considered a valid purchase offer. A serious intent to purchase is considered in our network through a written offer on our specially designed form, and as recommended by us, reinforced with money (offer guarantee).

Money handling and management are allowed only in specified cases and amounts, according to the Money Handling Policy of Otthon Centrum.

Until an agreement is reached and an accepted written offer is made, we will forward all incoming offers unless the owner directs otherwise.

8. We provide support in preparing the sales contract and assist in administration if needed. Our credit intermediation services are available free of charge if required, and we also inform our clients about other financial and insurance products.

9. In case of any questions or problems, our clients can reach us not only through our staff and offices but also through our central contact points.