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Otthon Centrum Money Management Policy

Otthon Centrum pays special attention to all monetary transactions, thereby supporting the security of our clients.

Under what legal title can Otthon Centrum colleagues receive money from clients?

  • When signing a commission contract, if the seller chooses a general commission, as a fee for obtaining the title deed.
  • As a deposit for a written purchase offer.
  • As a partial payment upon acceptance of a purchase offer.
  • As a commission fee upon successful completion of a sales contract.

How much money can Otthon Centrum colleagues receive and how is it handled?

  • The current price of obtaining the title deed.
  • The deposit amount the Buyer wishes to pay in case of a purchase offer.
    • If the purchase offer is accepted, the cash deposit is immediately handed over to the Seller.
    • If the purchase offer is rejected, and no new offer is made by the same buyer for the same property, the amount received from the buyer is immediately returned.
  • The amount of commission fee specified in the commission contract.
    • The commission fee may be settled in two installments upon acceptance of a purchase offer. The first installment at the time of acceptance, and the remaining amount at the signing of the sales contract.

Who is authorized to receive money from our clients under any legal title?

The franchise partner, office manager, or contracted consultant of Otthon Centrum involved in the transaction.

Where can the money be handed over?

  • The amount given for the title deed at the location where the commission is signed.
  • The deposit as part of a purchase offer must always be at an Otthon Centrum office.
  • The commission fee at the location of signing the sales contract.

All monetary transactions are always documented. Please also pay special attention to the accuracy of the documents!

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