Why you ought to select Otthon Centrum’s reports?

The changed economic and financing environment pose new challenges for the entire real estate market and, within that, for property developers as well. The increased risk in residential property development is manageable by using comprehensive market research, based on duly prepared reports on the offer and demand sides. Among the market players, hunger for information is evident, starting from households administering a one-off home purchase and investors profiting from market conditions, to property developers. Therefore, the Research Division of Otthon Centrum continuously follows changes in market trends, based on sales experience accumulated in the country-wide franchise network of Otthon Centrum, the available database, their own periodical market research, as well as primary data available for sale on the market.

With our decade-long experience, as well as our exact knowledge and observation of the most recent market trends, we are at the service of our clients.

Otthon Centrum is Hungary’s best-known company in trading of and advising on residential properties. There is no doubt that as one of the companies with the best knowledge of the Hungarian market, with the widest scope of information, as well as with an extensive network of relationships amongst market players, we are in a position to do quite a lot in the preparatory stage for your property development, investment or allocation of a loan, to ensure your making good decisions and being successful on the market.

What are the arguments for a comprehensive market report?

  1. On a booming property development market, the role of anticipated analysis is appreciated.
  2. When you make use of the research services offered by Hungary’s best-known residential property trader, you gain a clear competitive advantage in the substantiation of your decisions.
  3. Due to our unique knowledge of the marklet, you will get from us a comprehensive view on all aspects of the offer and demand situation, the needs of the buyers and tenants, the competitive situation, in each segment of the market.
  4. In the last ten years, our service was used by about ninety property development, funding and market research companies.

What are the questions that are answered in the report?

We build up and prepare each report tailored to the Client’s need. In the report, in addition to specific questions, we can also provide answers to the questions listed below.

Market information

  • What are the economic framework conditions for the residential real estate market?
  • What is the effect of the government’s housing policy on demand? What is the current regulation and what changes can be expected?
  • What are the general trends in offer and demand in Budapest /countrywide?
  • What the typical trends in population growth, migration and demography on the market?
  • What market segments can be specified in terms of geographic location and types of properties?
    • What are the characteristics of these (prices, products, services etc.)? What are the typical new projects about, by market segment? Which ones are the successful products?
    • What are the search preferences for potential buyers or tenants in the individual market segments?
  • Where and why a change in demand can be expected?
  • What sorts of market niches can be outlined? Where does it make sense to enter the market and what could be the product /concept for that?

Location-related information

  • What infrastructure facilities are in place in the neighbourhood and what is its prestige? How does it fit into the town structure? What changes can be expected in this respect?
  • What are the typical demographic processes (population growth, migration, age structure etc.) in the agglomeration?
  • What are the typical features in housing (changes in housing stock, builders, size of the homes) in the agglomeration?
  • Which ones are the concurrent projects at present in the agglomeration, either under construction or in blueprint?
    • What are the main parameters of these (developer, prices, sizes, services etc)?
  • What sorts of homes are potential buyers are looking for in that specific area? What are the needs?
  • In accordance with these market factors, as well as construction regulations and preliminary plans, what are the products we would recommend on a specific plot (housing mix, prices, services, quality, facilities, image etc.)?

Expert proposal to the development concept

  • What are the identifiable target groups for a planned project?
  • What are the needs and expectations of that target group?
  • Development of the product concept and recommendations, based on needs:
    • for the housing mix
    • for facility level and quality
    • for services
    • for pricing sales and rentals
    • for selling times

Our references

We have been involved, through our market reports and feasibility studies, in the successful implementation of residential property projects of the following companies:

CD Hungary, IRES, Dorottya Ingatlanforgalmazó, Ecorys Magyarország, Colliers, Magyar Külkereskedelmi Bank, Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker, Insite, Cap Investment, GTC, Gestor, Hexeris, Transelektro, Beák és Társa Ingatlaniroda, Engel Group, Tavasz Invest, Zenith-2004, B&MV, Ernst & Young, FH Invest, Futureal, Neocity, Fimcoop, GE Real Estate Europe, Construcciones Juanes, Commercium, Budapesti Ingatlan Rt., FHB Földhitel- és Jelzálogbank, Ambiente-Otthon, Gizella Malom Kft., Hexacon, Jacoby Kft., Eston International, Pro-Hill Kft., Sami B Házak Kft., CB Richard Ellis, Neinver, Skanska, Térplan, K&H Bank, Grupo Lar, Nagar Kaduri, Gestesa, Rév8, ING Real Estate, Bouwfonds, Hibtrade, Casaro, Sedesa, Aphium, Tomlin, Felikon, Projekt Kontroll, HILD, Isaura, Echo Investment, Wallis Ingatlan, Econovum Akadémia, Ficsór Autóház, M.B.F. Hills, Sando Inmobiliaria, Merrill Lynch, Rivál 98, Tamir Fishman, Mytaros, AFI Europe, Orco, Silver Fish, Volumetric, Gerson Lehrman Group, UCB Ingatlanhitel Zrt., Öböl Kft., Deák & Deák Kft., ABLON, ERSTE Group Immorent, Atrium Centers, Cordia, CEU Property, Armcorp Zrt., Plaza Centers, CPI Hungary, Buszer Zrt., Crown Gardens Kft., Dunamenti Zrt.

Otthon Centrum Research Division

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